Yuhin SilkScreen Advertising Enterprise
11-11A, Jalan Hang Tuah 28, Taman Skudai Baru, 81300 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia.

TEL & FAX : +607-556 3055
EMAIL : yuxingjb@gmail.com
H/P : +6016-712 3598

About Us

Yuhin Silkscreen Advertising Enterprise was founded in 1993, is located in Taman Skudai Baru, South Johore.

We are specialised in varieties of sports trophies ,medals ,Crystal Cup ,souvenir, rubber stamp, laser cutting ,computer engraving, pewter, stainless Steel ,button badges,collar pin, key chains, epoxy, name tag, acrylic casing, signages and so on.

Since the establishment of the company , we are striving for reformation and innovation. We uphold the
" Good Quality, Integrity Career" as our business philosophy. We insist on enhancing the good quality of management and the highest quality of services. Persist in honest management for many years, obtain good reputation whether in same industry and major clients.

Our company has professional experience in the industries .Our machinery is very advanced in technology, to improve product quality. After years of effort, we initiated YUXING TRADING in 2004. We are authorized agent
of various advertising machinery and equipment, such as laser engraving machine, cutting machine, word offset press machine, laminator and raw materials, playing very important role to the development of advertising industry .

优兴丝印广告企业 成立于1993年,位于柔佛州南马士古来新东方花园,专营各种运动奖杯﹑奖牌﹑锡盘﹑水晶杯﹑纪念品﹑各类印章﹑激光切割﹑电脑雕刻﹑腐蚀铜牌﹑白钢﹑徽章﹑亚克力盒子﹑广告牌等等

本公司自创业以来,不断改革﹑创新。我们秉持 “优良品质,诚信立业” 的经营理念,坚持加强经营管理水平,努力打造最专业的服务,多年来诚信经营,更获得同行和广大客户的一致好评。